How does wireless connectivity compare to fiber?

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How does wireless connectivity compare to fiber?

Wireless rivals both the speed and reliability of fiber and has added benefits.

Licensed PTP-RF offers internet speeds and reliability equivalent to fiber. In addition, wireless has the ability to provide last-mile connectivity that may not possible over fiber. In rural areas, in particular, where fiber optic cable doesn’t already exist, the cost of internet is considerably reduced by using wireless.

Both wireless and fiber offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with 99.999% uptime guarantees. They both also deliver low latency of 1-2ms, though licensed PTP-RF can sometimes deliver even lower latency.

In addition, wireless provides two more benefits. First, it's licensed with the FCC so radios can operate in all licensed frequencies in the United States. Second, fiber optic networks rely on underground cables that could be damaged by outside work and wireless networks don't have this problem. Check out our infographic below to learn more or download it here as a PDF.