How do you manage your business technology?

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How do you plan for your business technology needs?

Here are four key factors and questions to consider when making a technology plan.

Technology road map – current state to future state.

  • Where you are today and where are you going?
  • How do you audit your current technology?
  • What new capabilities do you want to add in a year, three years, five years?

End of life infrastructure and technology upgrades.

  • What’s your plan for aging infrastructure?
  • When it’s time to upgrade, are you looking at modern technologies (such as moving to the cloud to avoid purchasing on-premises equipment)?
  • What’s your plan for ongoing maintenance and support?

Cost effective deployment of voice and data traffic.

  • How do you optimize your voice and data traffic?
  • What redundancies are in place?
  • Do you have any need to scale your existing services (increase bandwidth, reduce latency, improve up-time, add lines or phones, etc.)?

Network and information security review.

  • What security measures do you have in place to keep systems updated and secure?
  • How are you managing access for your remote workforce?
  • What are you doing to prevent security breaches?

While this can feel overwhelming, the experts at Blackfoot Communications can help! Our knowledgeable team can provide an outside take on your technology and recommend ways to reduce expenses, improve operations, strengthen security and enable efficiencies.