Remote Data Backup

Safeguard your irreplaceable business data with Blackfoot. Our robust infrastructure provides enterprise-class redundant and reliable online backup.

Backup business data from your desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and servers to Blackfoot’s secure cloud. For added redundancy, we replicate your data nightly to a secure, geographically diverse location.

Benefits of Remote Data Backup

  • Blackfoot delivers military strength encryption of your data before it leaves your machine (up to 448 bit). We support Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Hyper-V and Odin Virtuozzo.
  • We utilize a powerful compression feature to reduce the size of your data and ultimately the cost to store it. Plus, intelligent backup of only changed data after the first backup and point-in-time backup of files.
  • Use smart and effective features including a user-friendly online interface to easily modify settings.
remote data backup services
Remote Data Backup

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