Improve network uptime, reliability and security with SD-WAN, a cost-effective business network solution.

SD-WAN is a software-defined (SD) approach to managing your wide area network (WAN). SD-WAN uses multiple circuit connections, based on what connectivity is available at your location, to deliver a flexible solution that ensures your business data connection is always on. SD-WAN also provides improved network visibility and application prioritization to enhance network performance.

Benefits of Managed SD-WAN

  • Protect your business from network downtime and service outages.
  • Securely connect every office, plus get new branches or offices online quickly using whatever internet connectivity is available at your location.
  • Easily control network traffic with a sharpened visibility into network performance. Plus, optimize bandwidth utilization and prioritize key business applications.
  • Enhanced network security with firewall features that automatically apply security and traffic shaping rules to ensure optimal performance. In addition, intrusion protection fortifies your network from any internal vulnerabilities and the latest external threats.

Why Blackfoot?

With more than six decades of experience, Blackfoot Communications is your trusted managed services provider. Our expert and certified networking team delivers the solutions your business needs to succeed. We also leverage innovative vendors and key partnerships to connect your business to more. Connect with our business team »

Feature Comparison – Meraki vs VeloCloud

Blackfoot partners with Cisco and VMware for our Managed SD-WAN solution. Based on your needs and the available connectivity at your location, we'll use Cisco Meraki MX or VeloCloud by VMware.

cisco partner - blackfoot communications
vmware partner - business internet provider idaho
Feature Cisco
Basic SD-WAN and security features in one appliance
Unified Threat Management including IDS/IPS, advanced malware protection, content and URL filtering
Active/Active/Standby VPN – Utilize 2 WAN uplinks in an active/active configuration with 4G/LTE on standby in the event of failure of both wired WAN uplinks
Highly scalable (1,000+ branches)
Centralized orchestration and automation for branch management and expansion
Real-time network performance monitoring including packet loss, latency, jitter statistics for WAN uplinks
Supports multiple WAN uplinks – Ethernet, LTE, MPLS
Zero-touch deployment to streamline branch expansion
Network and application-based traffic steering
Direct Internet Breakout (DIB) allows branches access to cloud applications directly through public internet using a single appliance
Flexible, sophisticated, full-featured SD-WAN solution
Dynamic multi-path load balancing monitors all WAN uplinks on a continuous basis and if issues arise, traffic is steered proactively, dynamically and automatically on a sub-second basis to alternative transport path(s)
Supports virtual Edge (vEdge) on AWS or Azure cloud instances – securely extending your network into the cloud
Active/Active/Active VPN – Utilize up-to 3 WAN uplinks including 4G/LTE
2-armed gateway configuration provides ability to connect to external MPLS networks or attach private cloud on-ramping