MPLS is ideal for organizations with multiple locations that need dedicated, low-latency connections to support business-critical applications. With an MPLS network, your business will privately transport data through Blackfoot’s secure network.

An MPLS network improves your business performance because information moves faster. MPLS utilizes short labels instead of IP addresses to route data quickly. In addition, Quality of Service (QoS) is used to prioritize different types of data across your network, so you can rank your business’ most critical data.

Benefits of MPLS

  • Leverage a completely private, dedicated and fast network that provides end-to-end prioritized traffic and Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Prioritize your business voice, video and data applications.
  • Reduce transit delays and transaction times, plus re-route traffic priorities on the fly using smart switching.
  • Add new locations easily through streamlined network implementation.
MPLS Network

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