Business Internet Connectivity

Our managed connectivity provides reliable business internet with dedicated support. We'll identify the ideal business internet for your operations. Our network engineers can custom configure a network solution to meet your technical specifications for latency, bandwidth, redundancy and more. 

Blackfoot delivers dedicated bandwidth and always-on connectivity business internet services. As good network stewards, we don't oversubscribe our network. That means we can guarantee your business bandwidth is always available. Plus, our network is monitored 24/7/365 by Blackfoot’s technical experts who ensure you have reliable access to your business data.

Based on your existing internet connection options, speed requirements and more, we'll assess the best type of connectivity for your business internet, including Ethernet, DIA, Wireless and Private Build. Learn more about these different internet business services below.

Business Internet Connectivity Options

Wireless offers business-grade internet speeds and reliability equivalent to fiber.

Wireless connectivity can meet your high speed demands. Licensed and unlicensed PTP (point-to-point) wireless radios have very high physical capacities. Plus, Blackfoot strategically designs every link to support bandwidth growth, typically doubling the requested up-time and fade margin calculations. We also design every wireless link to 99.999% reliability or greater, which exceeds industry standards.

Wireless has the ability to provide last-mile connectivity that may not be possible over fiber. In rural areas in particular, where fiber optic cable doesn’t already exist, the cost of internet is considerably reduced by using wireless. With Blackfoot, you’ll also have access to our local sparing in case of hardware failure.

We engineer and maintain private network LAN and campus extensions, and can provide these services using carrier-grade wireless equipment. Our wireless services include:

  • Site design
  • Tower and roof mounting engineering
  • Path profiles and analysis
  • Monitoring and logging statistics and usage
  • Yearly equipment maintenance
Private Build
Integrated Access
business internet managed connectivity
Managed Connectivity

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