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What is SD-WAN?

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Definition of SD-WAN

SD-WAN is a software-defined (SD) approach to managing your wide area network (WAN). SD-WAN simplifies your network operations in the cloud and provides greater flexibility by using whatever internet connection type is available at your business location, such as broadband, LTE or MPLS. In addition, SD-WAN allows you to use the bandwidth from all of your circuits at the same time, ensuring the highest level of performance.

Traditional WANs weren’t designed for the volume of traffic enabled by the cloud and this increased traffic can cause issues with application performance. SD-WAN uses intelligent routing and allows you to control data packets via policies to ensure your critical applications run smoothly. And if a circuit drops, it is configured to dynamically route applications across other circuits, prioritizing the most important traffic.

A few key highlights of SD-WAN include:

  • Improved network uptime and reliability.
  • Improved network security.
  • Improved network visibility.
  • Application prioritization.
  • Network cost savings.
  • Ease of management and deployment.


Improve network uptime and reliability.

First, SD-WAN utilizes multiple circuit connections, like broadband internet, MPLS, LTE or 4G simultaneously. This transport independence keeps your business connected around the clock. ​In addition, SD-WAN uses deep-packet identification that allows you to inspect data packets down to the application level and control them via traffic shaping policies. As a result, you can easily identify bandwidth consuming applications to better manage traffic policies and ensure critical applications are running smoothly.

Prioritize application performance.

With SD-WAN, you can use the bandwidth from all of your circuits at the same time. Therefore, ensuring the highest level of performance for your end users. SD-WAN utilizes application aware routing that tracks important circuit qualities, such as packet loss, latency, jitter, and load. As a result, traffic is redirected to the best available path in real time, making sure applications have the required bandwidth to process critical business functions.

Improve your network security.

To ensure optimal performance, SD-WAN uses identity-based firewall features that automatically apply security and traffic shaping rules. In addition, intrusion protection fortifies your network from any internal vulnerabilities and the latest external threats. You can use content filtering to block undesirable web content. Likewise, you can securely connect every office with auto-provisioning IPsec-based VPN technology.​

Scale your network with ease.

When expanding your business, adding a new office to your network can be a time consuming, expensive, and potentially manual process for your technology team. However, with SD-WAN you can deploy branches online quickly using whatever connectivity is available. Plus, save time and maintain security standards with template-based, zero-touch provisioning from a centralized resource. ​

Simplify your operations.

SD-WAN simplifies your corporate network in so many ways. It’s highly secure. It protects you against service outages. It lets you bring new offices online fast, so your network can scale with your business. Plus, SD-WAN gives you next-level control and visibility into your network traffic.

Benefit from partnering with Blackfoot.

A core network requirement for Blackfoot Communications is ensuring the most secure and rapid route is built for every connection and every application. We are focused on connection quality and guaranteed up-time because our network is the backbone of our business. Blackfoot's experienced and growing certified networking team, plus deep relationships with innovative technology vendors enable us to connect your business to more. Above all, we build your network as if it was our network.

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Helpful Definitions

LAN: A local area network (LAN) is a collection of computers and devices that are connected together in a single location, such as an office or building. LANs can be small or large, from a home office to an enterprise business. The main factor is that all devices are connected within the same physical area.

WAN: A wide area network (WAN) is a large network that connects over long distances. WANs are used by businesses to connect multiple office networks. For instance, each office has a LAN and all of the LANs are connected via a WAN. The largest example of a WAN is the internet.

SD-WAN: A software-defined (SD) approach to managing your wide area network. With SD-WAN, you can optimize your user experience and simplify your network operations in the cloud.


Why Blackfoot?

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