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What is MPLS?

Key Takeaways: Definition of MPLS, Engineering an MPLS network, 6 advantages of MPLS, MPLS Webinar
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Definition of MPLS

In the simplest sense, an MPLS network, also known as Multiprotocol Label Switching, allows you to privately transport data through your internet service provider’s network. MPLS extends your company’s local area network (or LAN) without using the public internet, and as a result provides your business with its own private connection.

Ideal for businesses with three or more offices, MPLS networking efficiently delivers applications across multiple locations. New locations can be added on the fly, making business expansion seamless. Most importantly, an MPLS network improves your business performance because it can move information faster. MPLS utilizes short labels instead of IP addresses to route data quickly. In addition, Quality of Service is used to prioritize different types of data across your network, so you can rank your business' most critical data.

Engineering an MPLS Network

Take a technical dive into our MPLS core network design and solution with a Blackfoot certified engineer.

Multiprotocol label switching, or MPLS, is a highly scalable network solution that forwards traffic using labels instead of destination IP addresses, improving both network performance and security. Check out our on-demand webinar to take detailed look at MPLS.

We'll explore Blackfoot’s solution and MPLS core network topology. Plus, discuss five key business benefits of partnering with Blackfoot:

  • Quality of Service (Qos)
  • Full mesh topology between sites
  • Low latency local routing
  • Last mile circuit redundancy
  • Fortified network security

Watch our MPLS webinar.

Explore Blackfoot’s MPLS solution and core network topology with our experts.

6 Advantages of MPLS

Deliverable Quality of Service.

Many companies migrate to MPLS to better manage their applications with Quality of Service (QoS). In a traditional internet VPN network, you have no control over QoS because data is transmitted over the public internet which can't distinguish traffic priority. Alternatively, MPLS allows one type of data traffic to have priority over another. Data is delivered in packets and packets not considered high priority are given less importance. This also enables easier monitoring of your network's performance including jitter, latency and packet loss.

Strengthened network security.

How do you manage network security for multiple office locations? With MPLS, engineers can create redundant circuits with a single exit point to the internet for all of your locations. This protects your network from external threats and ensures your internal network operates efficiently. This type of improved security is often mandated by federal law for companies with enhanced privacy and security concerns, such as in the health care and financial industries.

Fully managed network solution.

If you manage multiple office networks, you probably deal with multiple providers. When something goes wrong, it can take precious time to determine whose equipment is at fault versus just fixing the problem. Providers like Blackfoot can manage your MPLS network end-to-end. With last-mile redundancy, your entire network is delivered and managed by one provider (both primary and secondary circuits), which reduces the likelihood and duration of network downtime.

Rapid network restoration.

Do you know how your network will be restored in case of an outage? Many things can cause a network failure. MPLS networking allows traffic to be rapidly re-routed via an alternate network path which quickly restores your interrupted connection. How quickly your network is back up and running can have significant impacts on your business. For instance, how long were your employees unable to access important files? Or how long was your POS system down? MPLS restoration is much faster than a typical network and can help safeguard your bottom line.

More flexibility and scalability.

MPLS networks easily scale to connect three to hundreds of business locations. MPLS allows multiple locations to be served by different types of data transport, such as fiber or Ethernet-based circuits. Therefore, with an MPLS network, no matter where you add a new office you can be connected to your private cloud.

Dedicated account management.

One key benefit of partnering with Blackfoot is that you are connected with a dedicated account manager who knows your business and serves as your primary point of contact. You also have direct access to Blackfoot engineers who monitor your network and help keep you up and running 24/7/365.

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