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What is VoIP?

Key Takeaways: Definition of VoIP, Business Benefits of VoIP, Advantages of VoIP, 5 reasons to switch, white paper download
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Definition of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, delivers your phone connection over the internet. Learn how it's the ideal phone solution for your business. In times of growth, you need systems and resources that scale with you. When it comes to your business phone system, seemingly limitless scalability is achieved through VoIP. Also commonly known as voice over IP.

In the most basic sense, VoIP use data connections rather than traditional analog lines to transmit and receive voice calls. Simply put, your business phone service is delivered over the internet. Many businesses are switching to a hosted voice solution from VoIP providers like Blackfoot. Here are four key reasons businesses today are choosing a VoIP solution.

Business Benefits of VoIP

Today, it seems the only constant in business is change. And to remain competitive, businesses must keep up with ever-evolving communications technology. That’s why more businesses are saving time and money by switching to a VoIP business phone solution. VoIP solutions are significantly changing the way companies do business for the better.

Learn more about how a hosted VoIP phone solution can benefit your business by downloading our Whitepaper: The Case for VoIP for Business. What you will learn:

  • Technological advantages of today’s hosted voice solutions.
  • Top reasons businesses are making the switch to hosted VoIP phone systems.
  • How to identify a quality business VoIP provider.

Download our VoIP whitepaper.

Explore the benefits of a hosted VoIP solution and what to look for when choosing a provider.

Advantages of VoIP

Save on capital expenses.

Traditional office phone systems can be expensive to purchase — especially if you need to buy more phone handsets and lines than you currently use. By contrast, VoIP phone service includes all the equipment and features you need for one monthly fee. There’s no capital expense in setting up a system, which frees up your resources to invest in other assets to fuel your growth.

Easily scale with business growth.

With VoIP technology, the connection in your office can easily handle voice and data traffic from hundreds of individual phone lines and computers. If you need to add capacity, it's as simple as plugging in another phone to the network. That's why VoIP is ideal for growing businesses. As you expand, VoIP service can easily scale from a few phones and lines, to more than 500 phones and 100 lines.

Seamlessly connect on the go.

Maintain one number for all of your business contacts. Instead of providing your cell phone number, local office phone numbers and more, a hosted VoIP solution makes it seamless to connect on the go. Common features include virtual receptionist, call hunting, simultaneous ring and mobility applications. When you're easily reachable, you'll never have to wait around for an important call.

Future-proof your phone system.

With a managed voice solution there’s no equipment for you to own or maintain. Instead, Blackfoot sets up and maintains your phone system in the cloud. Quality VoIP providers, like Blackfoot, will provide a system that is hosted on a secure cloud and managed end-to-end. That means any software updates are automatically deployed on your system, bugs are quickly diagnosed and resolved, and call quality is never compromised.

5 Reasons to Switch to VoIP

Zero upfront cost.

Upgrade to a modern business phone system with zero upfront investment. One flat monthly fee includes use of the system, voice service, long distance and all required maintenance and upgrades. Blackfoot Communications manages your voice solution, so there is no system for you to own or maintain. As a result, you'll realize long-term cost savings.

Seamlessly connect on the go.

VoIP allows you to easily connect to your business phone system from anywhere so you can maintain one phone number for all your contacts. Our solution provides features that can effortlessly connect your remote workforce such as virtual receptionist, call hunting, unified messaging and more.

Scale on demand.

VoIP is easily scalable to accommodate business growth. Quickly add phones and extensions or deploy new offices. We can handle it all to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Gain security and reliability.

Blackfoot's VoIP is hosted on our secure cloud and is managed end-to-end. That means we can automatically deploy updates to your system and quickly diagnose and resolve an issues that arise.

Access 24/7/365 dedicated support.

Our experts monitor and maintain Blackfoot's redundant network 24/7/365, helping ensure our clients are 'always up and running. Plus, we provided dedicated account management so you have a single point of contact should any needs arise.

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