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How can VoIP benefit your business?

Key Takeaways: Improve Business Operations & Efficiency, Upgrade for Zero Upfront Cost
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Improve Business Operations & Efficiency

Client Success Story: Managed voice solution improves regional healthcare provider's operations and efficiency.

voip testimonialWestern Montana Mental Health Center needed to replace their aging PBX phone system at their 31 locations across the state. They were looking for a solution to support telehealth as a growing service, as well as tools to help their organization to be more responsive. They partnered with Blackfoot to deploy a hosted VoIP solution with more than 500 phones for clients, staff and conferencing.

It's been a big undertaking and it has helped us throughout the organization to communicate more efficiently with each other. Blackfoot is our partner. They care as much about our business as they care about their own.

– Earl Akers, Director of Information Services, WMMHC

Upgrade for Zero Upfront Cost

Client Success Story: Blackfoot upgrades leading law firm to VoIP with zero upfront cost.

voip phone testimonialGarlington, Lohn & Robinson (GLR), Western Montana’s largest law firm, constructed a state-of-the-art building and wanted a phone system to suit their new office’s needs. It was also time to upgrade their costly and high maintenance business phone system. Faced with a major investment to upgrade licensing and system hardware, GLR sought a better solution. Ultimately, GLR required a mo

As a long-time customer, GLR looked to Blackfoot to deliver a solution that could keep up with their growth and fit their budget. Blackfoot’s hosted VoIP solution was the ideal fit — delivering superior quality and advanced features with no upfront cost or ongoing maintenance fees.

Our consultative approach began with an in-depth product comparison. GLR worked with a dedicated Blackfoot account executive to assess their needs. Local Blackfoot network technicians were also deployed on-site to observe system usage. Through this, Blackfoot identified improvement areas and recommended infrastructure upgrades to optimize GLR’s network performance.

With our hosted VoIP solution, GLR didn’t have to purchase phones, servers or hardware or pay for annual maintenance and licensing. Instead, Blackfoot manages the system end-to-end, so GLR’s hardware and software are always up-to-date.

Blackfoot deployed 100 phones in GLR’s office and delivered comprehensive staff training, including more in-depth demos for those employees who chose more feature-rich options.

GLR upgraded to a modern VoIP system without investing a dime. Their hosted solution included installation, employee training, hosting and maintenance, plus no annual licensing fees.

To better accommodate their growth, Blackfoot also doubled GLR's internet bandwidth. By adding the hosted VoIP to GLR’s existing phone and data lines, Blackfoot became a one solution provider and implemented overall cost savings by bundling voice and data services.

GLR also continues to benefit from the local partnership with Blackfoot. They have dedicated account management with a single point of contact plus 24/7/365 local technical support available when needed.

Considering switching to VoIP?

Contact our business team to explore the benefits of a managed VoIP solution for your business.

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