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What type of connectivity is available?

Key Takeaways: Business Connectivity Options, Success Story: Bank Fiber, Success Story: Live TV stream
business connectivity options

Business Connectivity Options


Ethernet is a custom-configured reliable connection with speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps or more. Ethernet easily integrates with your existing network infrastructure and bandwidth can be bumped up on demand. Additional features include: synchronous high-speed transport; private line replacement/point-to-point; converged IP services; MPLS Layer 3 services; high-volume remote storage; and simplified network administration.

DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

DIA, or Dedicated Internet Access, provides reliable internet via dedicated circuits. The bandwidth is dedicated and only available to your business. Benefits of DIA include reducing latency with direct routing and network optimization, and reducing bandwidth requirements with fewer hops.


Broadband is an affordable option for an asymmetrical connection that provides higher download speeds. Broadband is scalable to meet future growth needs. And in most cases, can be quickly deployed! We also offer an optional single public IP address.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless provides carrier-grade services that can meet easily your bandwidth demands. Fixed wireless can provide last-mile connectivity, particularly in rural areas where fiber is cost-prohibitive. We also provide access to local sparing in case of hardware failure. Blackfoot strategically designs every link to support bandwidth growth and to 99.999% reliability or greater, exceeding industry standards.

What connectivity is right for your business?

Contact our business team to explore the options to achieve optimal network performance.

Connectivity: DIA

Client Success Story: Blackfoot connects bank with fiber to deliver dedicated internet connectivity.

bozeman fiber blackfootBank of Bozeman, an independently owned community bank serving the Gallatin Valley in Montana, was having issues with the reliability of their business internet. For example, their existing internet service provider’s circuit couldn’t keep up with their network demands. In other words, bandwidth was insufficient and internet speeds were inconsistent. Above all, it was impacting their bottom line. As a result, the bank came to Blackfoot looking for a secondary connection to back up their current internet provider.

“We are a financial institution and we send a lot of traffic over the internet to our core provider. Slow internet slows our productivity.”

– Mitch Johnson, VP/CFO, Bank of Bozeman

Instead of just serving as a backup provider, Blackfoot proposed taking over Bank of Bozeman’s primary data connection. As a local internet provider, Blackfoot has more than 30 miles of fiber in the ground in Bozeman. And the bank is within close proximity to Blackfoot fiber, which would enable a reliable connection.

Blackfoot engineered the bank's dedicated internet access (DIA) solution using Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology. This enables ISPs, like Blackfoot, to make more efficient use of fiber assets. Moreover, GPON provides additional security at the circuit level, compared to a traditional fiber solution.

"Blackfoot’s solution met our needs 100 percent. Our employees are plugged in all the time and the big thing for us was securing a dedicated, consistent speed."

– Mitch Johnson, VP/CFO, Bank of Bozeman

Connectivity: DIA

Client Success Story: Blackfoot provides internet connection for live stream on national TV.

While social distancing at her rural Montana ranch, a celebrity judge for a prime time singing competition was in need of a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to live stream from her home on a national television network. As the area’s local ISP, Blackfoot worked with her team to engineer and install a business-level connection for their needs.

Blackfoot turned up expedited Direct Internet Access (DIA) service within eight days of receiving the request. The property is 300 feet from Blackfoot’s existing network infrastructure. To connect her home to our network, Blackfoot ran an Ethernet cable across their property for a direct connection.

After using the internet connection, her team was in need of more bandwidth. However, plowing new cable is time consuming and timing was tight. So, Blackfoot engineered a custom solution to achieve the needed speed with the existing infrastructure by adding repeaters to their connection. In the end, Blackfoot delivered a reliable and dedicated 20M/20M Ethernet connection.

For the team managing the celebrity’s live streams, Blackfoot’s connection stood out. And as a result of delivering reliable connectivity, Blackfoot received additional requests to accommodate live stream connections.

"I wanted to reach out to thank you and your team for helping us keep an eye on this connection for the last few weeks. Of the couple dozen video streams we were managing, this was consistently one of the top two or three in terms of stability."

– Daniel LeBlanc, Management Team

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