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What is managed connectivity?

Key Takeaways: Definition of Managed Connectivity
managed connectivity

Definition of Managed Connectivity

Reduce your network complexity by offloading all of your internet access provider trouble ticket management and issue resolution activities​ on Blackfoot Communications. Plus, you can rely on a single provider for network management instead of different vendors by branch. As your managed connectivity provider, Blackfoot will aggregate circuits on your behalf, manage vendor billing and do all network troubleshooting.

Blackfoot sources connectivity via our network or through nationwide partnerships with trusted vendors using coax, wireless, satellite, etc. And when you partner with Blackfoot you have access to our expert team who monitors the network 24/7/365 to ensure your connectivity remains available. If there is a challenge, we're well equipped to troubleshoot and resolve the issue quickly and restore your connection, often before you even experience any downtime.

Considering switching?

Contact our business team to explore the benefits of a managed connectivity for your business.

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